Susan Rosenthal, Planning a Return to Roosevelt Island, Shares Thoughts on “The Girl Puzzle”


The Girl Puzzle, soon to open in Lighthouse Park on Roosevelt Island, arrives from a seed planted by Susan Rosenthal. While still RIOC President/CEO, she imagined a tribute to pioneering journalist Nellie Bly and made an artists’ call for ideas. Once they rolled in, she convened a team of reviewers made up of residents and RIOC staff. They made the final design choice.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Susan Rosenthal and The Girl Puzzle

The Girl Puzzle now finished
The Girl Puzzle, anchored by the likeness of Nellie Bly, awaits its ribbon-cutting on December 10th.

“Because the idea of a memorial to Nelly Bly on the north end of Roosevelt Island was mine, meeting Prometheus, understanding and appreciating their remarkable concept, choosing and advocating for them to realize their vision, was one of the most exciting projects of my time as president of RIOC,” Rosenthal told The Daily.

Prometheus Art is a Kentucky based studio and foundry. One of the owners, Amanda Matthews designed The Girl Puzzle.

Even so, the current RIOC administration did not invite her to the opening on December 10th. Nor have they credited her efforts, without which the installation would not exist. But she’s coming anyway.

“While it has been disappointing not to be involved in its development,” Rosenthal added, “I am so excited to see— and walk through— The Girl Puzzle.

“I am certain this amazing public art will have an extraordinary impact on the Island.“

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