Time to Have Some Fun Raising Funds for MSTDA

Time to Have Some Fun Raising Funds for MSTDA

Saturday evening, it’s time for raising funds for MSTDA – The Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance – and have some fun at the same time. It’s the city’s top small theatre and school, and we’re lucky. They call Roosevelt Island “home.”

The Roosevelt Island Daily

Raising Funds for MSTDA Isn’t Crazy, But Everything Else Is

You won’t want to miss this! Come see a night of crazy, kooky performances by insanely special guests including the cast from MSTDA’S “THE PROM” and more.

There will also be an appearance by EVILS from Children’s Theatre DESCENDANTS as well as one amazing Broadway wig that was used in one of the longest-running musicals ever – you just can’t beat it!

The cast from Disney Villains cabaret.

Where else can you see the best of New York City’s up-and-coming talent perform in one place? Not only that, but MSTDA is hosting a mad evening featuring students and staff. This show will have something for everyone – whether they’re looking forward to or curious about what this whole Cabaret thing entails!

While raising funds for MSTDA, MC Louis Ladehoff (Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde) and his insane assistant Kimbirdlee Fadner (Christine Daaè) will introduce you to all the crazy inmates of MSTDA’s Broadway Madhouse in a night that’s sure to entertain.


Everyone is encouraged to come in costume!

Details! Details!

Where and When

548 Main St., Roosevelt Island, NY 10044
Sat. October 29th 2022, 6:00-9:00 pm
$45/general admission, $75/couple, and $25/children age 3+


Who Rocks the House?


Jeanne Castagnaro
Kay Clark
Mary DiMauro
Kimbirdlee Fadner
Jack Fadner
Michael Green
Christine Jimenez and the cast of MSTDA’s The Prom Josh Ilan

Louis Ladehoff
Katana Stoops

Barbara Parker
Isaiah Reynolds
Brenna Stein and the cast of MSTDA’s “The Ghosts All Around You”

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