Opening Vernissage XIX: Welcoming The Art At Gallery RIVAA

Gallery RIVAA Vernissage XIX

Roosevelt Island, New York/Opening September 19th, 2020

Vernissage XIX embraces Roosevelt Island with the emotion and images designed to reach beyond the everyday. Images for mind and heart. COVID-19 forced Gallery RIVAA’s closing in March, but they’re coming back. The traditional spring opener finally happens, this week, and we’ve got a preview for you.

By David Stone/Images by Tad Sudol, Gallery RIVAA

Roosevelt Island News

RIVAA artists mounted Vernissage XIX, but just hours before the opening, COVID-19 locked the doors.

Hoping to bring the art to Roosevelt Island and beyond, in spite of the coronavirus, we started talking with RIVAA president Tad Sudol. Sudol, spent hours photographing pictures in the gallery. As a result, we are now able to deliver them here.

The 40 images that follow represent the passions of dozens of artists, and they offer them as an embrace for the Roosevelt Island community.

We join the artists of Vernissage XIX in reaching out with power of art.

Although we are able to identify each artist, we don’t have titles for all the work now. We may add them in the future.

Vernissage XIX, Art Embraces Roosevelt Island

The Art

Ioan Popoiu, Vernissage X!X
It makes sense to start with one of Gallery RIVAA’s most loved artists, Ioan Popoiu, represented here by three acrylic abstracts.
Laura Hussey
Laura Hussey’s paintings, frequent scenes from Greece, highlight many RIVAA group shows.

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Esther Cohen-Piaskowski/Vernissage XIX
Photographic group for Vernissage XIX by Esther Piaskowski
Esther Cohen=Piaskowski
Photograph by Esther Piaskowski
Regina de la Concha/Vernissage XIX
Regina de la Concha
Gabriel O'Reilly
Gabriel O’Reilly
Toshiko Kitano Groner
Painter Toshiko Kitano Groner advances her adventures in optical color arrangements with a beautiful spiraling display.
Alexander Movshovich
After an extended absence from the gallery, Alexander Movshovich brought his photography back to Roosevelt Island for Vernissage XIX.
Jim Pignetti/Vernissage XIX
Abstract painter Jim Pignetti contributed a trio of bold images.
Jim Pignetti
More from Mr. Pignetti
Anthony Moran/Vernissage XIX
Continuing his flair for spiritual dynamics, Anthony Moran offers a penetrating view beyond the immediate senses.

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Continuing: Art from Vernissage XIX, Gallery RIVAA, Roosevelt Island

Georgette Sinclair
A dreamlike scene by pastelist Georgette Sinclair.
Dan Nistor/Vernissage XIX
Dan Nistor captured a child’s emotionally mixed response.
Dan Nistor
Dan Nistor
Mertxu Curuchet
Newcomer: Mertxu Curuchet
Edel Stuehmke-Levy/Vernissage XIX
An abstract painting by Edel Stuehmke-Levy
Villo Varga
Villo Varga’s colorful peppers float in space.
Alexandre Tolipan
Fog makes mystery in Alexandre Tolipan’s vivid photograph.
Alexandre Tolipan/Vernissage XIX
More black and white dynamics from Mr. Tolipan.
Tony Vita
Modernist Tony Vita finds inspiration in the classics.
Ann Martinez Orizondo
Ann Martinez Orizondo
Ann Martinez Orizondo/Vernissage XIX
More from Ms. Martinez Orizondo.
Connie Tanner
Connie Tanner continues her work in expressive fabric combinations.
Tad Sudol
Tad Sudol works with fields of light and texture.

Works from RIVAA’s Vernissage XIX on Roosevelt Island Continues

Victoria Thorson/Vernissage XIX
Mind bending sculpture from Victoria Thorson.
Tony Vita
For Vernissage XIX, Tony Vita added classic references in passionate triptych.
Bogdan Mattei
Bogdan Mattei’s sinewy images brought a different slant to Vernissage XIX.
Piotr Olszewski/Vernissage XIX
Photographer Piotr Olszewski brought deep contemplation into the frame.
Saundra Lamb
Saundra Lamb’s moon confronts the viewer’s easy expectations about nature.
Rachel Garrick
More than meets the eye in Rachel Garrick’s swirling abstraction.
Rachel Garrick/Vernissage XIX
More from Ms. Garrick.
Natasha Landau-Flint
Natasha Landau-Flint tells stories at Vernissage XIX.
Natasha Landau-Flint/Vernissage XIX
Detail from Ms. Landau-Flint.
Su Im Kim
Su Im Kim dynamic abstraction whirls and bubbles with life.
Anne-Marie Dannenberg
Lyrical poetry in visual art: Photography by Anne-Marie Dannenberg.
Ching Win Tsai/Vernissage XIX
A colorfully precise installation by Ching Wen Tsai for Roosevelt Island’s Vernissage XIX.
Alexander Movshovich/Vernissage XIX
Deceptive simplicity in a photograph by Alexander Movshovich

Conclusion: RIVAA’s Vernissage XIX for Roosevelt Island

Fear can close a gallery, but artistry never stops.

What I found, going through these images, is the fresh embrace of creativity, the lively vitality that our artists bring to Roosevelt Island.

We don’t know the future of Vernissage XIX, but we hope the quarantines lift in time to see it live in the gallery. For now, we’ve got this and a tremendous debt of gratitude for the artists who walk with us every day.

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