Vernissage 21 opened last night with joy and sorrow


Last evening, when Vernissage 21 opened at Gallery RIVAA, a community eager for art after two years of restrictions packed the space. Roosevelt Island shook off the pandemic and embraced visual art. But the blessings mixed with loss.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

At Vernissage 21

For many, it was a chance to renew friendships blunted by the pandemic and its many, overlapping restrictions. For others, it was art appreciation, fresh and local. Fitting for the changing times, some were masked, but some were not.

And it felt like a reopening at last after two years, relishing communal life in the unique community of Roosevelt Island.

The art set a warm theme.

Vernissage 21 opened.

Popular veteran artist, like Laura Hussey and Ioan Popoiu, again occupied wall space with original paintings while newcomers and guest artists joined in. But in tone, it was bittersweet because recent losses reminded everyone that art is forever, artists are not.

Around 7:00 p.m., RIVAA president Tad Sudol called time out for welcoming visitors and for Esther Piaskowski’s tribute to founder Arline Jacoby.

But there was joy in that too as Jacoby’s lively, creative spirit settled over the gathering.

We will have more, including photographs of the art, but do yourself a favor. Stop by 527 Main Street. Enjoy it in person.

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