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Exploring the Best of New York City


Are you curious about what all the hype is when it comes to New York City? There’s a reason why people from around the world flock to the city that never sleeps – and that’s because there’s something new and exciting waiting for you around every corner.

Whether you live in NYC or are just visiting, you won’t want to miss out on these must-see attractions. From iconic landmarks to world-class museums, let’s explore some of the best destinations in NYC!

by David Stone

The Statue of Liberty

When it comes to iconic landmarks, few can compare them to the Statue of Liberty. Located on Liberty Island in Upper New York Bay, this colossal neoclassical sculpture was a gift from France to America and has become an enduring symbol of freedom and democracy.

Here, visitors can learn about the history of Lady Liberty and get amazing views of NYC from its pedestal or crown. You can even take a guided tour if you want to get up close and personal with this national treasure.

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Nearby: Ellis Island, where immigration rebuilt America, is on the same boat circuit. Its museum is filled with historic exhibits, and you can easily research your ancestors.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met is one of the most beloved art museums in America, and for good reason! With over 5,000 years worth of artwork from cultures around the world, there is something here for everyone.

Permanent collections include Greek sculptures, paintings from masters like Monet and Van Gogh, American decorative arts pieces, ancient Egyptian artifacts – it goes on!

Special exhibitions often change so there will always be something new for repeat visitors.

Nearby: The Guggenheim Museum, devoted to modern art, is just a short walk up Fifth Avenue with a chance to visit Central Park on the way.

A Broadway Show

What would a trip to NYC be without seeing at least one show on Broadway?

From long-running classics like The Lion King or Wicked to Tony Award-winning plays like Hamilton or The Book Of Mormon, there are dozens upon dozens of options sure to delight any theater enthusiast.

Even if you don’t have time (or money) to catch a full show, Broadway offers plenty of opportunities for cabarets or one-of-a-kind tourist shops guaranteed to give you a splash of fun without breaking your budget.

Nearby: Midtown rises in every direction. Everything from Macy’s to the Empire State Building are short walks away.

The Best of New York City Conclusion:

These are just three examples among many incredible places NYC has to offer – but they provide a great starting point for anyone interested in exploring all that New York has in store.

Whether you want stunning views from atop Lady Liberty’s crown or an evening out at one of Broadway’s legendary shows, New York City has something special just for you. So come explore with us today – we guarantee it won’t disappoint.

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