Splitsville or Bust, Rolling Stone Salute

Splitsville of Bust by Binky Phillips and the Planets is, according to Rolling Stone, “a song you need to know. ”

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

When The Planets released Established 1972 NYC with a party at Arlene’s Grocery, we hailed it as “Good Old Rock-N-Roll. We were excited because Phillips is a friend who composed the music.

Note: Phillips is quick to note that the group’s name incorporates his own because a web search found umpteen “Planets” already recording. His name gives this version that distinction.

Now, we’re excited again because Rolling Stone jumped on the bandwagon. The song kicking off the album will get more listens than otherwise possible. The rest of the album will too.

The Rolling Stone reviewer calls it “Two and a half minutes of careening punk-metal bile,” and says the sound harks back to the hard core rock of the early 1970s.

There is a reason for that. Phillips and bandmates began shaking the house way back during the CBGB era in New York City. Punk rock changed the scene and forced rock music back toward its rebellious roots.

Phillips jokes that, for decades, he always found himself beside the next rising star, like his friends in the band Kiss, but never got the nod.

He kept playing anyway, and he is finally getting some long-deserved recognition.

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