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In 2019, A Sun Washed New York City


Sun washed New York City today… Muffled by days gray with rain and clouds, New York City came up clean and bright, Upper East Side skyline stretched from river to rooftops. But that was 2019, and what a difference one year makes…

By David Stone

Sun washed New York City
Looking west, a view of Manhattan’s Upper East Side

On a sun-washed New York City morning, you’re reminded it’s a wonder to find this place here at all.

Built on rock scraped clean by ice, the highest point, canyons turned into rivers… The soil built up until enough for grass, trees, animals, then concrete, bricks and glass.

Look hard on a sunny day, traffic circling, runners on the river path, the aging trees…

All of it works around structures imagined, tools and labor made real. A miracle it all, all this, ever transitioned from idea to things of the world.

Sun washed New York City in perspective…

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), New York City gets 234 days each year with at least some sunshine.

But few are as clear and clean as this one.

A cloudless sky is rare, and they are often accompanied by a fresh north breeze as a front sweeps humidity out to sea.

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