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Cats in Paris Cards, Images from Their Adventures


Cats in Paris Greeting Cards is a set of five of my most popular greeting cards in one bundle. All of these images started out as illustrations for my book Travels With George: Paris.

Cat Lover Gift Set Cat Greeting Cards 5 Blank Handmade

Cats in Paris Cards: An excerpt from the book…

Both of them have calmed down considerably.

“What’s funny?” she asks.

She is going from place to place in our little room, taking things out of bags, familiar things
that remind us all of home. She stopped to tickle Billy and me without looking at us and paused to scratch her head. She could use a stretch, I sense.

I am sitting on the bed behind the man, somewhat confident that he will not forget and lean back on me, but not confident enough to sleep, and Billy is wandering around, building a scent map– a big, big task in such a new place. I made a general one earlier, then decided I was not quite up to it yet. 

Those tasks could wait until things settled a little more.

After the shock wore off and they stopped saying, “I can’t believe it,” all the time, they got organized and, realizing we needed attention, went right at it.

“First of all, we’ll need to get some litter,” he announced. “That’s got to be pretty urgent.
A grand idea, I thought, instantly.


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