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To Know God, Speak Louder and Make the Universe Listen

Want To Know God? is an excerpt from A Million Different Things: Meditations of the Worlds Happiest Man. It has been edited for reading online.

By David Stone

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I’ve said before and will reiterate: the chances of our really getting to know ourselves and our world seem remote until we learn to meditate and make it as much a part of our lives as eating.

The thing is, it’s easy. Writers selling books and teachers lining up students often impose intricacies and defined practices to maximize, in their opinion, the benefits, but although guidance and mentoring can be interesting, none is necessary. 

Meditation comes as naturally as walking down the street. Maybe riding a bike is a better analogy. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but then, presto, we’ve got it. 

Don’t be deterred or intimidated by experts or self-appointed guides. If it feels right, go for it, but there is no wrong way to meditate. And, don’t underestimate the value of it’s being free. It’s a gift, nothing less. 

Two things I can guarantee: meditation is easy, and once adopted as a practice can be the most rewarding change you’ll ever make in your life.

Is there a God? Why or Why Not?

Want to know God? Listen.

Some of us are already there and the rest will be, and once we awaken to who we are, we also discover a captivating sense of what we want. It’s in the package. All we need to do is refine what we want, in whatever detail we can comfortably imagine, and look for in that portal we call the future. 

Off we go!

The major voluntary aspect of life most of us have not mastered is anticipation, of eagerly reaching out for the ingredients of what will bring joy or, as tastes differ, satisfaction or fulfillment. We must set a tone that jibes with whatever we’re reaching for. 

We need to practice that tone as regularly as we can remember to do so. I say, “must,” but that’s conditioned on your decision to peruse your dreams as far as your body can take you. 

Commitment creates necessity. 

Focusing is the only way to get there. As an example, if the thing we desire most is to see, smell and touch a tropical rainforest, rich with flora and fauna we’ve only read about or seen on TV, we need to fix our imaginations on how being there will feel. Feeling is everything. Feeling is tone. Everything orients around feeling. Enhance feeling in a constructive positive way. Passion opens doors.

Okay. It’s true that we have a life to lead. We can’t go around thinking about the dense soil and rich leaves of that rainforest all day. We have work and responsibilities to pay attention to. But it’s a mistake to let our routines grow so hyper-real that they ring eagerness and anticipation from us. 

Work, but sustain the feeling. How we feel is more important than any paycheck we ever earn. The beautiful thing is, when we hold our focus, maintaining a tone that feels right, everything else takes care of itself. Hard to believe, but true. 

If you want to know God, give him a chance o hear you.

Here’s a fact. There is a God, and that God is nothing like the one they told us about when we were children. God has nothing better to do than to fulfill our dreams, the desires that got us here and keep us breathing. 

God responds to every message we send. It may be, “I’m feeling a little shaky now and need to retreat,” and God will let that happen. It may be, “I need to sleep like I’ve never slept for about ten hours.” Done. 

Our messages are more often mixed, uncertain and not fully mindful, as are our answers, but that can be fixed. The reason our messages are fuzzy is because we lack trust and usually an awareness of sending them.

As we begin to understand and take faith that our wishes are answered without qualification, we are empowered. Moreover, our wishes become more constructive and energetic. It’s just a practice with awareness. It requires waking up to who we are and how we’re plugged in.
Suddenly, everything is possible. Everything can happen. 
Better think about that. Grab a break. We are almost there.

David Stone
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