Stationary Head Shop? Now, A Main Street Comedy Spills On


You had to wonder on opening day. A stationery store without any stationery? But was it more of what its colorful sign said: A stationary head shop with goals that didn’t match its agreement with Shops On Main? by David Stone The Roosevelt Island Daily News Since a closing, years before, Roosevelt Islanders yearned for a new stationery store, but realistically, it was a pipe dream. In a digital age, stationery stores faded faster than the first cherry blossoms. Only a few survived in all of Manhattan and some misguided retailer would outfit one in our tiny community…? Really? So,

What meat substitute is healthiest for you now?

Meat substitutes have become an important part of a balanced diet, especially if you’re reducing your meat intake. These products come in different textures, flavors and types, but they have one thing in common. They replace animal products with plant-based alternatives without sacrificing taste or nutritional value. In fact, vegetarians will tell you that plants offer a much larger and exciting range of flavors, but what are the healthiest choices? Special to The Roosevelt Island Daily News Most meat substitutes are excellent sources of nutrients, particularly protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Choose meat substitutes that are high in protein

‘Eric Adams Please Give Us a Call’: Mayor Hasn’t Reached Out After Jordan Neely Killing, Family Says

Gwynne Hogan, The City This article was originally published on May 8, 2:47 pm EDT by THE CITY The family of Jordan Neely, the 30-year-old man who was killed in a crowded subway car last week after former Marine Daniel Penny put him in a fatal chokehold, spoke out Monday by issuing a public statement and urged Mayor Eric Adams to reach out to them.  “Mayor Eric Adams please give us a call. The family wants you to know that Jordan matters,” attorneys Donte Mills and Lennon Edwards wrote in a joint statement on behalf of Neely’s family, released one

Esther Hicks – 15 Reasons Why You Can’t Trust One Word of It


Esther Hicks is controversial, but is there any truth in what she’s been saying for decades? Is there a congress of 100 spirits – “dead people” – feeding her blocks of thought, wisdom straight from God? She says that she is a spirit medium and has been able to reroute blocks of thought “Abraham” drops into her head, turning them into spoken words. But is that true? Consider the following examples and decide for yourself. by David Stone Who Is Abraham? Abraham is a “nonphysical entity” – or, as Esther jokes, “dead people,” about a hundred of them as one

Abraham Hicks for Beginners: Is it Worth Your Time?


Have you heard of Abraham Hicks? They’ve gained quite a following in recent years, with books, seminars, and podcasts promoting their teachings. But is Abraham Hicks for beginners worth your time? For those unfamiliar, Abraham Hicks is a spiritual entity that advises people on how to achieve success, happiness, and abundance through the Law of Attraction. On the surface, it sounds intriguing, but is it truly worth the investment of your time and energy? As a skeptic, I dove in to discover more. by David Stone Abraham Hicks for Beginners First and foremost, acknowledge the positive aspects of Abraham Hicks.

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