No Voting for RIRA, the Residents Association, This Year

Because RIRA’s members are too mired in personal agendas and “Whatever” mindsets, they will miss out on elections again this year. The trivializing of this

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UPDATE: RIOC Splits Community. This Time, Aided by Kallos and Maloney

RIOC splits community with such consistency, it’s hard to see it as other than deliberate. Echoing its own internal turmoil, the state agency divides to conquer. Sadly, some elected officials play along.

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12 Good Reasons Why RIOC Public Purpose Funds Are A Big Mess

RIOC’s Public Purpose Funds mess is a natural outgrowth of profound laziness, official indifference to fairness and clinging to personal agendas. These 12 good reasons are those seeking grants. The nonprofits work hard and even harder at presenting their appeals, but the RIOC/Common Council pairing fails at living up to their efforts.

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Poor judgment again leads the way in PPF recommendations

The Roosevelt Island Common Council’s public purpose fund recommendations for 2021 are riddled with poor judgment. So much so, anyone could have drawn straws at random and done better.

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