New Art: Woman with a Parasol in Central Park

New Art: Woman with a Parasol in Central Park

Times change, and we are taking a fresh approach and looking at the world through art. In 1875, Claude Monet painted his early masterpiece, Woman with a Parasol – Madame Monet and Her Son. It’s the earliest days of impression and a soft approach to color and object discovers the most beautiful essentials of the world. But how might this change over the next century and a half?

By David Stone

The Changing World Through Art

Impressionism forced its way into an increasingly uncomfortable world where industrialization and modernization were quickly changing everything. Monet and his friends hoped to capture some of the natural world’s grace and beauty before it was gone forever.

Woman with a Parasol – Madame Monet with Her Son (1875) Claude Monet – France.

But nearly a century and a half have passed since then, and the world has changed in ways Monet could never have guessed. Two brutal World Wars and countless smaller struggles have scarred the France he loved.

Industrialization and urbanization have overpower huge swaths of nature.

Science has forced us to see life and nature differently. Magic and beauty have been reduced and altered.

Here in the troubled world of 2023, this represents our idea of what Monet would reflect on canvas today:

Woman with a Parasol in Central Park Today (2023) Jasper AI – New York City

Arguably, the center of the art world today is in America, principally New York City.

And no struggling artist could afford a healthy well-kept child in America, especially New York City, today.

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