Best Marketing Strategies To Reach College Students

Best Marketing Strategies To Reach College Students


Successfully marketing to your target audience requires efficient techniques. In this case, we’ll explore the best marketing strategies to reach college students. These suggestions can improve your brand awareness and customer leads.

Sponsor Student Events

Lend your support (and money) to on-campus events. You’ll increase exposure within your target audience and develop your reputation as a student-friendly brand! Remember to bring promotional materials like banners, flyers, or coupons to events. This way, students can familiarize themselves with your business.

Offer Targeted Discounts

A discount specific to your target audience is an excellent way to engage individuals. Typically, college students have positive feelings toward their institution and want to show their school spirit. You can use this to your advantage with targeted discounts. Do initiatives like, “For a limited time only, [insert school] students will receive free fries with hamburgers.” This will encourage people to visit your restaurant.

If you want an easier, more direct alternative, offer discounts to students who show their ID at your business.

Host Giveaways on Campus

Hosting giveaways is a fast way to grab college students’ attention, accumulate crowds, and generate more customer leads. Depending on your budget, your giveaways can include high-value things—technology—or inexpensive items—T-shirts or cups. However, it’s best to offer something practical for college students.

In particular, backpacks make great promotional giveaways because they appeal to your demographic. Students wear backpacks every day, and you can offer carriers with your logo. This way, your customers will have a functional gift, and they will become walking billboards for your brand!

Acquire Student Ambassadors

Generate brand awareness and grow engagement with student ambassadors. They serve as the “face” of your brand and connect with the target audience. Essentially, college students can associate your business with familiar faces on campus. Give brand ambassadors materials to give away to their peers (i.e., water bottles or drink cozies) and ask them to encourage students to check out your business.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Lastly, leveraging user-generated content is one of the best marketing strategies to reach college students. Generally, young audiences pay attention to their peers’ consumer habits and recognize trends. When audiences see trending products or services, they’re likely to purchase things from those businesses.

Leveraging user-generated content refers to re-posting your customer’s social media posts about products or services. Essentially, you’re reinforcing consumer trends and enticing college students to your business.

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