Shelton Haynes’s 10-Point Plan for Safety Is Hopelessly Off The Wall. But Why?


In another onslaught of screaming headlines, Shelton J. Haynes shouted out a 10-Point Plan about public safety. The whole thing’s bogus, of course, a ludicrous stab at an “holistic,” but barely thought through self-promotion. Profoundly confused, Haynes said, “Roosevelt Island remains and incredibly safe place to be.” So, why roll out a throw some pasta at the wall plan in the first place? And, yes, his crack Communications Team left “and” instead of “an” at this key point in his argument.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Here’s a clue: Consider the latest screaming headline: PRESIDENT & CEO SHELTON J. HAYNES ANNOUNCES NEW 10-POINT PUBLIC SAFETY PLAN FOR ROOSEVELT ISLAND. No mention of RIOC, the state agency he allegedly leads and an apparent nod to Bobby Seale and the Black Panthers.

Then, look at the actual web address: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/president-ceo-shelton-j-haynes-143900038.html. Only Seldom Seen Shelton gets a mention. Little known to most readers, altered web addresses point search results at the featured subject.

That is, this points the arrow at Haynes and is, at Roosevelt Islanders’ expense, a marketing promotion for the Dear Leader.

Shelton J. Haynes’s 10-Point Plan

While the question of why Haynes blew out his big plan is foremost, some points bear mentioning.

The new 10-Point Plan takes a holistic approach to increasing island safety, bringing together stakeholders from the community, schools, Public Safety Department (PSD), and New York Police Department (NYPD) to address concerns ranging from violent offenses and petty crimes to child bullying and traffic congestion.

The 10-Point Safety Plan

Calling it ludicrous is probably not accurate. Maybe “absurd” fits it better. The plan is ripe with the kind of atrocious writing that screams (unprepared.) Try this beauty on for size:

“Newly formed Island Stabilization Team which have dedicated PSD foot patrols across the island to re-direct resources in the Southtown area and Main Street throughout the day.”


The question screams so loud, you almost forget about Why? For each, there is no answer.

How about “Increased targeted PSD presence in areas deemed ‘hotspots’ on the island.” While being repetitious – ya gotta get to 10 – it has the benefit of being lifted out of NYPD’s policing handbook.

And assumes we have “hotspots” without the slightest effort at defining one.

But we have a favorite in the 10-Point Plan

“Launching a new constituent services department. Island residents will be able to speak directly with RIOC about their issues which will then be escalated through proper channels – to be announced in the coming week.”

This looks like bureaucracy at its finest, and it begs a question. Why are we waiting until “the coming week” when Islanders should have had this for years. And actually, they did… until Haynes killed it.

And what the hell’s that got to do about public safety anyway?

But what’s worse is this: In my dictionary, the definitions of “constituent” is “being a voting member of a community or organization and having the power to appoint or elect…” It’s the “voting member” part that rankles.

We don’t vote on Roosevelt Island. Sadly, Dear Leader – who pays himself a higher salary than any governor in the United States, including Hochul – forgot his greatest enabling privilege.

Runner Up

“Introducing PSD bike patrols across the island as a part of the Island Stabilization Team to re-direct resources on island wide locations beginning on June 3, 2023, throughout the day including after school hours and the evening.”

If you’re looking for foolish, here’s the Chief Kevin Brown Official PSD Fire Hydrant Blockade. Installed in front of a fire hydrant, restricting access in emergencies where seconds count, this is a real time representation of RIOC’s real public safety mindset.

PSD Chief Kevin Brown, who Haynes struggles to promote alongside himself in his 10-Point Plan, first promised this in September 2020. He had it ready to go, he said then, as soon as his troops finished a brief training course.

A couple of cops on bikes briefly appeared, then went away. This may be all just talk as it has been in the past.


“Quality of life on the island is of paramount importance to me,” Haynes said, “and we will continue to look for new and innovative ways to further enhance it for everyone.”

Yeah? Since when? Climb out of that bunker, man, and talk about it openly instead of blowing community resources on self-promotions.

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