5 Reasons Why Snow is the Best


It’s that time of year again! The time when the air gets crisp, the leaves change color, and everyone starts complaining about how cold it is. But here at Snow Central, we know that there’s nothing better than a good snowfall. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons why snow is the best. So bundle up and read on!

by David Stone

The List

  1. Snow is beautiful. There’s no denying it, snow is simply stunning. Whether it’s a light dusting or a full-blown blizzard, there’s something magical about watching the world get blanketed in white. Not to mention, it makes everything look so clean and new.
  2. Snow means cozy nights indoors. When the weather outside is frightful, there’s nothing better than curling up with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book (or movie).
  3. Snow means time spent with family and friends. One of the best things about winter is getting to spend time with the people you love most. Whether you’re sledding down a hill or building a snowman together, making memories with those you care about is what it’s all about.
  4. Snow means fun winter activities. From skiing and snowboarding to ice skating and sledding, there are so many great ways to enjoy the outdoors. And even if you’re not much of an athlete, you can still have fun making snow angels or having a snowball fight.
  5. Christmas! ‘Tis the season for giving, spending time with loved ones, and of course, eating lots of delicious food. Not to mention, there’s nothing quite like waking up on Christmas morning to find that Santa has been generous enough to leave you a few inches of the white stuff outside your door.

So there you have it! Five reasons why snow is the best thing about winter. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below!

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