A White Christmas? There’s Now a 30% Chance of Snow on Christmas Day in New York City

A White Christmas? There’s Now a 30% Chance of Snow on Christmas Day in New York City

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and with snow on the ground in New York City comes a question that many locals want answered: “What are my chances for a white Christmas?” According to long-range forecasts by Weather.com, there is now a 30% chance of snow on Christmas Day.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

A White Christmas for New York City?

Sure, that’s less than 50-50, but it’s so much better than normal, it’s worth getting a little excited about.

Early snow falls past field lights at Jack McManus Field
Last winter, snow blew past the lights at Jack McManus Field on Roosevelt Island.

If you’re in the Big Apple but looking for a white Christmas , your best chance is to head upstate. The Weather Channel’s forecast shows that there is a 100% chance of snow in Buffalo on December 24th!

But even if you’re not able to make it up north, don’t worry – New York City has at least a hint of a white Christmas more often than not. There has been a “trace” of snow on the ground in NYC on December 25th for four out of the last five years!

In addition, every year from 2006 to 2015 had at least some chance of seeing flakes fall from the sky during that month. It’s usually just a slim chance though.

But just because we can’t promise a white Christmas doesn’t mean you should cancel your holiday plans! There’s no better way to spend the holidays than in New York City – and with so many things to do, it’ll be hard for you not to find something that fits into your family’s busy schedule. From ice skating in Central Park to catching the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, the city is alive with holiday cheer this time of year.

One year ago, December 16th, on Roosevelt Island, but we still didn’t get a white Christmas in New York City.

And this year, as optimism blossoms for a post-COVID 2022, we can appreciate that uplift, probably more than ever.

White or Fading Green, It’s still Christmas in New York City

So whatever you do, don’t let a little bit of snow – or the lack of it – keep you away from New York City for Christmas – even if it’s chilly outside, our exciting restaurants and shops will have you feeling warm and toasty in no time.

Looking for a white Christmas? Check out the chances in these other popular destinations:

  • Chicago – There’s a 50% chance of snow on December 24th.
  • Los Angeles – It might be sunny and 75 degrees on Christmas Day, but there’s still a 25% chance of seeing snow.
  • Miami – If you’re looking to escape the cold, Miami has a 0% chance of snow on December 25th.
  • Orlando – Christmas in Orlando is a beautiful sunny day with a 0% chance of snow.
  • Paris – While Paris may be known for its rain, there’s still only a 20% chance of snow on Christmas Day.


A white Christmas is a rare event, but not impossible. In the last 100 years, there have been nine total White Christmases in New York City and three of them occurred before 1940.

The chance for a White Christmas increases by 1-2% each year so it may be more likely this coming season. If you’re feeling lucky or just want to know what your odds are, check out this site from AccuWeather that predicts the chances we’ll have at seeing snow on December 25th.

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