Facts About America That Every American Should Know

Facts About America That Every American Should Know


You can only learn so much in history class; some lessons you learn after graduating from school, like these interesting US facts. Check out these facts about America that every American should know. Some of these things may surprise you!

American Flag Colors Have Meaning

One fascinating fact about the American flag is that the colors have meaning. Red, white, and blue are more than visually appealing; they signify important values. Red represents valor and hardiness, white signifies innocence and purity, and blue represents justice, perseverance, and vigilance. Americans can proudly display the colors of the American flag year-round to honor their country!

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Some States Have More Cows Than People

It’s no secret that some states are more popular than others. However, I bet you didn’t know that the cow population outnumbers humans in certain states. Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming have more cattle than people! If you’re a fan of dairy products, these are the best places to check out.

Technically, the Statue of Liberty Isn’t in NYC

People travel far and wide to see the beloved Statue of Liberty in New York City. However, the monument isn’t technically a part of NYC. It’s in Jersey City, New Jersey! The copper gift from France is an American staple that people adore. With a quick ferry ride from the city to Ellis Island, you can see Lady Liberty.

The Original US Capitol Was in Philadelphia

Another fact about America that every American should know is that the original capitol was in Philadelphia. Yes, the city of brotherly love was once the country’s temporary capitol. According to the Residence Act, Philadelphia was the temporary capitol between 1790 and 1800.

Although Washington, DC is our permanent capitol, you can find historical pieces from early US history throughout Philly! Check out the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross home, and other historical sites during your next trip to the city.

Ohio Wasn’t a Formal State Until 1953

Did the US technically have 49 states for a while? Well, sort of. It wasn’t until 1953 that Ohio congressman George H. Bender took a bill to congress asking them to retroactively admit Ohio into the United States. Due to an accidental oversight, Ohio wasn’t a formal state despite being approved by Thomas Jefferson more than a century before. Talk about a major oops!

Two States Don’t Practice Daylight Savings

If you’re not a fan of daylight savings, consider moving to Hawaii or Arizona—neither state practices this phenomenon. Although many legislators try to pass laws to get rid of this policy, the remaining 48 states still practice daylight savings. So, don’t forget to set your clocks at the appropriate time!

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