RIOC Killed a Healthy Red Maple – But Left the Remains Behind


A healthy red maple caught the full assault of RIOC‘s war on trees in early November. The power-saw-wielding state agency cooked up a loony rationale, but the damage was done. Perversely, they left a pile of wood chip litter behind along with its visible, vibrant root system.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Because I was especially fond of this example of nature’s architectural skills, furnishing color and softness in an urban space, I was shocked when the state agency that never gets it wrong whacked the red maple.

For years, I watched for its filling out in the spring, striking a contrast with its standard issue green neighbors. In the autumn, its colorful flourish stood out. There was nothing ill about this tree. It was in the flush of health at mid-life.

Someone claimed it was “hollowed out in the middle,” which is a falling-on-your-face-in-the-mud stupid rationale. Healthy trees always hollow out in the middle because their main business is absorbing sunlight. The interior does nothing more than supply support for outreach.

About Red Maple Trees

Red maple trees are some of the most majestic creatures in nature. Known for their brilliant red foliage and impressive height, these majestic trees can live to be over 200 years old. Admired by many for their stunning beauty, they’re often used in landscaping and used as a symbol of strength and endurance in art.

Moreover, this special red maple joined in a rich root and fungus universe that shared nutrients and reduced pollution. Killing a single tree in a group harms more than a single tree. It hampers a community of natural caregivers.

While these remarkable trees typically live 80-200 years, some red maples have survived for much longer. In fact, one in Massachusetts is estimated to be over 300 years old. This tree is an inspiring testament to the power of endurance and speaks volumes about the importance of protecting our environment so that future generations may continue to enjoy this beautiful species.

The evidence of the red maple’s robust good health was in its core, left behind a day after they cut it down.

No matter what its age, it’s hard not to marvel at the grace and resilience of a red maple tree. Its vibrant colors that change with the seasons nourish us with a magical view of nature’s splendor no matter what time of year it is.

It serves as a reminder that we should never undervalue life’s simpler pleasures and always seek out moments of joy – both small and large – wherever we can find them.

Carrying Over the Offense

Careless as well as environmentally brutal, RIOC’s crew now compounds the damage by leaving the chips rotting on the ground. Its vibrant root system, also visible, remains a testament to the continuing RIOC war against trees.

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