If You Find Road Striping a Thrill, You’re In Luck, Says RIOC


“Exciting news!” an emailed advisory declares. “RIOC will be beautifying our roadways once again with new striping.” This is high school newspaper style, silly and presuming readers are all juveniles… excited over road striping. “Again” is the keyword here.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

“Fix the Main Street potholes…” is an agenda item circulated by the local political club, Main Street Democrats.

The advisory provoked instant annoyed responses.

As we reported in June last year, “The story was similar all along the re-striped Main Street. After letting the tone-setting Z-brick streets and sidewalks go pretty much to hell with neglect, the best RIOC comes up with is laying down layers of white paint over broken surfaces.”

Kicking off a phone call, one reader protested, “Here’s your headline. Is RIOC re-striping Main Street or just painting over their problems?”

You guessed it. That was just last year. That’s right. RIOC paid a contractor for road striping less than a year and a half ago, but it failed, of course.

Now, the state agency that never gets it wrong is coughing up taxpayer dollars for yet another failure.

Road Striping Over the Real Problem

What’s really strange is RIOC’s tackling this road re-striping while turning a deaf ear on repeated pleas for fixing the countless potholes. Many feel these are the real hazards – after reckless bikes racing through the stop signs, that is.

That’s also ignored, but we’ve given up on getting PSD to do anything about it.

“Want a fuller experience of Main Street deterioration?” we wrote in June 2021. “Try riding a RIOC red bus standing up. It’s enlightening if you have the knees for it.”

It still is, but at least we’ve got road striping to get excited about.


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