New Queens bus routes bring changes for Roosevelt Island

New Queens bus routes bring changes for Roosevelt Island

The new Queens bus routes update plans presented in 2019 and savaged by critics. The effect on Roosevelt Island is a clear improvement, but once off the Island, the blessings are mixed.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The New Queens Bus Map

Roosevelt Island is an outlier, and the new Queens bus map makes that point clear.

The 2019 bus map displayed an extreme level of carelessness when it came to Roosevelt Island. For one thing, it was incomplete. Stops vanished, and it didn’t connect with the Tram. That’s all settled now.

Our new local service, the Q104, cruises Roosevelt Island with some changes. The most substantial is eliminating the swing down to Southpoint, rarely used and already well-served by RIOC Red Buses.

But then, there’s Queens…

Folks accustomed to riding a Q102 over to the complex at Queensboro Plaza, where multiple trains and buses converge, will be disappointed. The Q104 route now turns left after crossing the Roosevelt Island Bridge, heading up Vernon Boulevard to Broadway.

That’s good news for Costco shoppers, new and old, because the buses stop out front before heading east up Broadway. And Broadway is host to a lot of other stores and restaurants previously unavailable directly by bus.

Some will love the new routes, but others won’t.

Scrolling all the way through until landing on the Q104 takes time, but you can see the details on every new route here.

Public Comment on the New Queens Bus Routes

According to AMNY, which first reported this story, the MTA will host a series of public comment sessions, starting April 18th, with each Queens Community Board getting a visit. Roosevelt Island’s problem, of course, being a Manhattan outlier served by Queens buses, is that it has no such board. There are, however, options for commenting online.

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