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Will hippies come back? What about the 21st Century version?


If hippies come back, the 21st Century version would probably be more mainstream, and less likely to rebel against the status quo. They would be more focused on environmentalism and sustainability and less interested in drugs and sex. They would also be more politically active, advocating for causes like renewable energy and animal rights. While not as wild and free as the original hippies, they would still be a force to be reckoned with.

by David Stone

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So will hippies come back?

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It’s hard to say. But if they do, they’ll be a very different breed than the original movement. And that could be a good thing – or a bad thing – depending on your perspective. But one thing is for sure – they won’t be ignored.

The original hippie movement was born out of a desire for peace and love. They wanted to change the world, and they thought that through unity and togetherness they could make it happen. But the 21st Century version would be different. For one, they’d be a lot savvier about technology. And they’d probably be a lot more cynical, too. After all, the world has changed a lot in the last 50 years. Sunny optimism might not be a good fit anymore.

But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t still try making a positive difference. They’d fight for the same things as the original hippies – peace, love and equality. But they’d do it in a very different way. They’d use social media to spread their message, and they’d be rallying against the corporate world.

If hippies come back, some speculation…

Where would the new hippie movement start?

The new hippie movement would start in major cities all over the world, not as isolated or gradual as in the 1960s. They’d be protesting in places like New York, London, and Tokyo. And they’d be using social media to spread their message far and wide.

What would the symbol of the new hippie movement be?

The symbol of the new hippie movement would still be a peace sign. But it would be updated to reflect the 21st century and use rainbow colors.

peace sign banner covered in flowers
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What would their motto be?

Their motto would be “Peace, love, and unity.” It would be a reminder of the original hippie values, and it would be a rallying cry for the new movement.

What would their flag look like?

The flag of the new hippie movement would be a rainbow flag. It would be made out of hemp, and it would be hung in public places all over the world.

What would their dress code be?

Their dress code would be very casual. They’d wear jeans, T-shirts, and sandals. And they’d have long hair and beards.

What would their drug of choice be?

Their drug of choice would be marijuana. It would be legalized all over the world, and they’d use it to relax and to socialize.

What would their religion be?

Their religion would be atheism. They’d believe in science and reason, and they’d think that religion was outdated and irrelevant. But spirituality would saturate their values and practices.

What would their currency be?

Their currency would be Bitcoin. It would be digital, and it would be global.

What would their government be?

Their government would be a democracy. They’d believe in the power of the people, and they’d think that everyone should have a say in how their country is run.

What would their national animal be?

Their national animal would be penguins. Smart, resourceful and adept at enduring harsh conditions with grace.

What would their national anthem be?

Their national anthem would be We Are The World, sung by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, and it would reflect the idea that everyone is united under one banner.

What would their national food be?

Their national food would be sushi. It would be a symbol borrowed from Japan, and it would be a popular choice amongst the new hippie movement.

What would their national drink be?

Their national drink would be green tea. It would be healthy and refreshing, and it would be a popular choice amongst the new hippie movement.

What would their national sport be?

Their national sport would be soccer. It would be popular all over the world, and it would be a good way to unite people from different cultures.

What would their national holiday be?

Their national holiday would be Earth Day. It would be a day where they’d celebrate the environment, and they’d pledge to protect it.

Conclusion: Will hippies come back?

So, will hippies come back? The answer is yes – in a big way. The 21st Century version of the hippie movement will be more global than ever before, and it will reflect the values of peace, love, and unity.

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