Roosevelt Islanders in need flock to the reopened food pantry

Roosevelt Islanders in need flock to the reopened food pantry

After three weeks closed by holidays and a COVID surge, Roosevelt Island’s reopened food pantry drew a long appreciative line on Main Street.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Roosevelt Island Disabled Association President Wendy Hersh, organizer of the free food pantry, conferred with Public Safety Officer Hilda Rivera about keeping visitors safe and orderly.

Pre-bagged groceries were lined up a half-hour before Roosevelt Islanders began filing in for pickups. Waiting lines under the shelter of Roosevelt Landings’s covered sidewalk soon extended past Pup Culture and down the MSTDA alley. Dogs in a play area inside found it entertaining.

Pre-bagged groceries aided shoppers and enhanced social distancing.

New Additions: Face Masks and Test Kits

After handing out face masks in Good Shepherd Plaza, last week, City Council Member Julie Menin’s team moved inside, working with the reopened food pantry organizers.

Supplies were limited, but Menin was able to also snag some at-home test kits from Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine.

The future of the reopened food pantry…

RIDA president Wendy Hersh launched the free food pantry when COVID’s first huge wave shutdown New York City. Many were desperate. Through one wave after another, she’s kept supplies flowing in and relieved residents flowing out with fresh food. She will keep that going, as long as the need persists.

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