If there’s a God, He wants you to become an atheist, right now…

Atheism is better because it’s based on knowledge, discovery and wonder, not hopes, faiths or beliefs that may have little or no connection with reality. It’s like two hikers going to the same place. One follows a marked trail while the other bounds off into the woods, confident that The Lord or some kind of angels will guide him. Both may arrive where they want to go, but one is likelier to fail or even perish. Because, if there is a God, he already marked a trail with knowledge and information, and he’s amazed when people go off into thickets and trees. God wants you to be happy; so, become an atheist already.

By David Stone

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Atheism is better, and here’s why…

Atheism can make you happy without relying on anything but your experience.

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Atheism is good for your health. They’re the most creative, artistic and intelligent people on earth. And they’re kinder to loved ones than religious believers who may let them suffer because of some ancient superstition about an invisible God. The majority of anti-vaxxers, willing to get sick and die while dragging family and friends with them, call out God as their reason. Some God, eh?

Atheism is better because atheists are good for the economy. They’re growing and can afford more stuff from manufacturers. Partly, that’s because they’re not giving their money away to clergy members who want you to think that non-believers go to hell, or purgatory, or somewhere even worse when you die. Also because they don’t feeling guilty about coveting material things.

And they’re better parents, because they can afford to take more time off work when their children are sick or at home doing homework. Atheists never berate their kids for not going to church, or studying the bible, or thinking bad thoughts about priests, nuns and others who might think they should be burned in public. Atheists know that Atheists are good.

The atheist effect

Another reason atheism is better for the economy is because atheists help atheist organizations that promote educators who teach students how to think about religion and God. And they’re also better for the economy because Atheists contribute more to society than people praying to invisible Gods, building churches and wasting valuable time thinking about things that atheists just know are not true.

Atheism, for one thing, is good for atheists. It promotes a way of life atheists enjoy, because atheist culture includes tourism which they can use for visiting museums, experiencing the wonders of art and architecture. Then, there’s atheist drama atheists enjoy, dance at clubs and parties, sports like swimming, dancing, bicycling (with or without Atheist music), skiing (with or without atheistic snow) and other sports atheists invent

And let’s not forget atheist dating, TV and movies, festivals and fairs, and lectures with atheist speakers. There are vast shelves of atheistic fiction, characters living interesting lives full of hope and wonder based on knowledge and discovery. In atheistic philosophy, students think about Atheism; in science, they learn about and practice technology other atheists invent for the good of all.

Atheism is better because it’s for the good of all

Atheism is good for humankind. Atheists are better than people who believe in invisible Gods because they don’t need to bury their heads in the sand to feel grand and important. They enjoy life every day and don’t have to spend money on guides who tell them not to think because thinking might lead to sin. And it’s a big deal that atheism is good for women who don’t want to live in a theocracy where a macho God rules.


No reason to fear atheists. Atheism has been on the rise across the globe and will continue, with or without help from believers who think theists should suffer for their lack of belief in God. Atheistic culture is thriving and Atheists aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so become an atheist today. God loves you and wants you to share in all those down-to-earth benefits.

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