The Wait’s Over. Trader Joe’s Bridgemarket Opens on Thursday


Trader Joe’s Bridgemarket opens on Thursday, December 2nd. Extended by the pandemic, the long wait is over. One of New York’s best loved stores arrives with a grace note of historic preservation.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The Historic Bridgemarket Is Now Trader Joe’s

Architectural rendering presented to the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

The vaulted tile ceilings are structurally part of the Queensboro Bridge. An original market thrived there until the the Great Depression smothered it. Food Emporium restored it, but a corporate failure closed it again. Now, a thriving grocery chain restores this historic grace note.


Trader Joe’s Bridgemarket Opens at First Avenue and 59th Street

For devoted Trader Joe’s shoppers on Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side, it’s now a shorter trip for filling carts with unique items. Horseradish hummus, anyone? For the uninitiated, it’s an adventure with friendly employees and great prices. You will come back.

But it’s not the grocery tradition found elsewhere. You will not find stacks of paper products nor is there an array of pet food choices. TJs doesn’t aspire to be everything for everyone, just the best at what it does do.

Now, as the Bridgemarket opens, shoppers can see for themselves.

In September, when we still expected the new Trader Joe’s for October, a peek inside. Close to ready, then, apparent hiring problems stalled the opening. ©David Stone/The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Enthusiasm for the Bridgemarket opening means shoppers will flock to the store, and other stores will be forced to get better or watch customers drain away. Either way, consumers win.

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