Are hiring difficulties delaying the opening of Trader Joe’s Bridgemarket?

Are hiring difficulties delaying the opening of Trader Joe’s Bridgemarket?

Hiring difficulties may be forcing a delay of opening Trade Joe’s new UES store under the historic Queensboro Bridge. Bridgemarket was expected to welcome shoppers in October, but all that happened was the hanging of a banner about hiring. And there it stood, all month. But it wasn’t alone.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Now Hiring Difficulties

Hiring difficulties
After The Daily caught a glimpse inside, Trader Joe’s covered the gaps with brown paper, but the NOW HIRING banner stayed.

A job search on Trader Joe’s website displays multiple openings at the 59th Street site. Hiring difficulties are also apparent with similar notices out at nearby stores in Turtle Bay and Chelsea. Although the eagerly awaited chain is tight-lipped about missing the expected opening, struggles at finding and training workers for even above-average paying jobs is apparent.

News reports call it a nationwide phenomenon.

Early in October, checkout lines were only electrical equipment installs short of being ready. After hiring difficulties emerged, Trader Joe’s papered over this view.

At this point, the chain gives up only a “this year” pledge for opening, but who knows? Not only have their own struggles held them back so far, but they compete with numerous other New York businesses for the same pool of workers.

Because Trader Joe’s is so hesitant about sharing their woes, we’re speculating here, but the evidence is clear. And nothing else appears as a genuine obstacle to opening Bridgemarket.

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