Not all Roosevelt Island Views are beautiful. Some are just ugly.

Not all Roosevelt Island Views are beautiful. Some are just ugly.

When it comes to Roosevelt Island views, all are not created equal. Many are beautiful, but some are irretrievably ugly. Here’s a matched set.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Roosevelt Island Views: Reconstructed Shoreline in Southpoint Park

RIOC president/CEO said on October 28th that this was set to open within the next few weeks.

South Entrance, Southpoint Park Shoreline/©David Stone, The Roosevelt Island Daily.

Unless your dream of a shoreline stroll includes randomly strewn piles of rocks were trees and brush once ruled, this expensive waste may be more irritating than pleasing. After all, if you live on Roosevelt Island, you paid for it. Involuntarily.

In perspective – what was torn out…

A perspective on what’s now gone (above) hardens the contrast.

The Matched Set, Part Two

North shoreline entrance, Southpoint Park/©David Stone, the Roosevelt Island Daily

Entering from the north, contrasted with Cornell Tech’s sloping meadows, is worse. Who came up with this plan? Who approved it?

Maybe a look at what was promised will prompt even more questions.

Roosevelt Island Views: What they promised…

Langan’s rendering for the Soothpoint reconstruction.

Any resemblance to the reality at hand is purely coincidental.

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