Cuomo Woe Grows As Details Of Newest Complaint Now Emerge

Cuomo Woe Grows As Details Of Newest Complaint Now Emerge

Cuomo woe grows, seemingly on a daily basis, as details of an alleged incident emerge from an article in a local Albany newspaper. But the new charges are more threatening because the accusations are worse than any before.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island Daily News

As Cuomo woe grows…

The Albany Times-Union report may detail an incident more dangerous for Governor Cuomo because it alleges behavior more aggressive than what five previous accusers claim.

Before yesterday, the most aggressive physical behavior of which the governor stood accused was an unwanted kiss. And there was also a swing and miss during a wedding reception, caught on a cellphone.

Those he brushed off as either never happened or unintended abuses.

But the sixth woman, said to be much younger than Cuomo, accuses him of worse. According to the Times-Union, she was summoned to the Governor’s Mansion for a mobile phone issue. Once there, alone with him, she alleges that he reached under her blouse and fondled her.

This followed a history of flirtations and other touching episodes, she said.

Cuomo’s latest accuser kept her silence until she reacted emotionally while watching the governor refute earlier allegations on television. A supervisor, the report says, seeing her reaction, approached and learned the story.

Cuomo’s response

“As I said yesterday, I have never done anything like this. The details of this report are gut-wrenching.”

So far, there has been no outside confirmation of the incident or any of the details in the report. But state Attorney General Letitia James is investigating.

And as Cuomo woe grows, senior Democratic party officials are withdrawing support, several calling for his resignation.

Cuomo asks that everyone wait for James’s investigation’s completion. He feels that it will vindicate him.

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