As RIOC stumbles, maskless riders now endanger everyone else on the Tram

As RIOC stumbles, maskless riders now endanger everyone else on the Tram

Just when hopes rose that RIOC finally accepted responsibility for protecting Tram riders from COVID-19, another fresh round of maskless riders told a different story. In the most recent incident, the selfish bastards are in clear view, just feet from an indifferent operator

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The round trip started with an encouraging sign. Boarding the Tram on Roosevelt Island, we witnessed a vigilant PSD officer making sure every passenger wore a face mask before lifting off for Second Avenue. She even ordered one mother to mask her pre-school child.

No one objected, and the officer carried a fresh supply of masks as she checked the cabin.

But returning, a different story.

Without PSD onboard, the Tram operator ignored multiple maskless passengers as the cabin headed home to Roosevelt Island. Halfway across, he suddenly awakened and told three passengers to pull up their masks. By then, of course, it was too late for a tired rider stuck between them, among others.

Leaving the Second Avenue Station… ©David Stone/Roosevelt Island Daily

Only a hopeless optimist believes this is any exception as Roosevelt Island bucks the city trend, with infections rising while the rest of New York gets better.

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