People and Paint: Summer Splash, Scenes from an Opening


People and Paint make the story of this invigorating summer breakout as Summer Splash opened. It’s summer, people away, but the crowd came anyway.

By David Stone

Photos: Tad Sudol, Gallery RIVAA

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Summer Splash: People and Paint

Going out for gallery openings, people think about the art and the artists, but what about the painters?

They think about the people.

Will they love the art? Will they pause and absorb a picture so many hours in the making?

Abstract expressionist Ioan Popoiu (checkered shirt) with first night guests, his large painting in the background.

Some art stops you in your tracks.

New work by Valeriu Boborelu (Bobo) vibrates with traditional, spiritual figures and themes.

Summer Splash is the combined creation of RIVAA’s Laura Hussey, Valeriu Boborelu and Ioan Popoiu.

people and paint
Laura Hussey (black suit) talks with photographer AnneMaire Dannenberg, her mural-like paintings in the background.

Absorbing art holds your attention, whether or not people are captured on the canvas.

But a corner full of Laura Hussey paintings transports a determined viewer to zones he or she will never know.

People make art possible because, without them, paintings, pictures and objects can’t exist.

People and paint
Art without limits, people and paint, at Summer Splash.

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