The big shoe is on… the sidewalk, that is, outside Bloomies on 3rd Avenue

The big shoe is on… the sidewalk, that is, outside Bloomies on 3rd Avenue

I get no kick from champagne, but I like this. Seen in Manhattan on 3rd Avenue, between 59th and 60th, outside Bloomies.

outside Bloomies

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  • RIHS Returns The Elevator Storehouse Plaque Home On Roosevelt Island
    Efforts by the Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) paid off yesterday when an original plaque from the Elevator Storehouse came home. By David Stone The Roosevelt Island Daily News The plaque, identifying a building providing elevator service to Roosevelt Island from the Queensboro Bridge, arrived by car. Historical Society leader Judith Berdy arranged it. She
  • A Gunboat in the East River Off Roosevelt Island
    A gunboat in the East River, this morning, a blast from an painful past, a reminder of the sad way we were. By David Stone The Roosevelt Island Daily News Twenty years ago, after the World Trade Center disaster, gunboats in the East River were a daily fixture. Walking from Manhattan Park to the subway,
    Roy Eaton initiated his Bryant Park lunchtime concert residency today. His offerings are even more deeply spiritual now, but most impressive are his confidence and the skills retained through monumental crisis. The Roosevelt Island Daily News More from the Roosevelt Island Daily davidstone1313 See author's posts
  • Overcoming New York State resistance, one Roosevelt Islander made sure the community made a statement.
    Notoriously hostile to genuine community engagement, RIOC denied Roosevelt Islanders any role in its 9/11 Tribute. But a determined Residents Association president Rossana Ceruzzi refused to be shunted aside. Ceruzzi placed flags around the 9/11 Memorial Tree, unassisted by RIOC. Neither she nor any other resident was invited to participate in the official ceremony. More
  • How RIOC’s Communications and Community Relations Team Engaged with Roosevelt Islanders on 9/11/21
    Although RIOC president/CEO Shelton J. Haynes noted the “team’s” contributions, they mostly served as a buffer against community involvement. They invited not a single resident as a speaker, failing even at drumming up enough word salad from RIOC officials for filling up the sixteen minutes needed to match up with the national moment of silence

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