Central Park, NYC, Easter 2021

Central Park, NYC, Easter 2021

Easter Sunday 2021 in Central Park

Latest from the Roosevelt Island Daily News desk…

42nd Street, Fine Art Photography Print/©Deborah Julian

A Roosevelt Island Fall for Arts Festival in 2022…?

A Fall for Arts Festival for Roosevelt Island this year grew increasingly unlikely as prior years’ planning and calls for artists’ dates went by without notice. On RIOC’s outdated website, one page suggests “September 24th, TBC.” But we assume that TBC means “To Be Confirmed,” and it hasn’t been. by David Stone The Roosevelt Island…

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RIOC Cleaned Up Good Shepherd Plaza. Let’s Keep Going.

Let’s keep going. After weeks of pushing, RIOC pitched in, cleaning up Good Shepherd Plaza and improving the historic space. But why stop there when so many other fixtures can benefit? by David Stone The Roosevelt Island Daily News “Restore these,” she said, sending over photos of the Roosevelt Island red trash cans aligning Main…

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A Sailboat Too Tall for the Roosevelt Island Bridge

Too early for a Saturday, a noisy helicopter circling the Roosevelt Island Bridge was the first sign. Out for a daybreak sail or extending a long night, an operator underestimated the clearance for his sailboat. It wasn’t close, about five feet off, and the miscue ended up tipping his vessel sideways into the East River.…

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