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Hurricane Isaias Struck Roosevelt Island: A Story in Pictures


Isaias Struck Roosevelt Island. It was downgraded by then to a tropical storm, but the Island was carpeted with downed trees and branches, the worst centered on the north end.

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Photos & Story by David Stone

Roosevelt Island Daily News

Isaias struck Roosevelt Island. The tropical storm had bursts of power, but a lone tree, stripped bare, testified about the aftermath.

A lone tree, stripped bare, marked Roosevelt Island after Isaias.

Already suffering from RIOC‘s years long campaign of tree and foliage removal, Roosevelt Island lost more trees to powerful winds.

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After Isaias Struck Roosevelt Island

A possible tornado, but more likely a microburst, yanked a pair of senior trees out of the ground beside Pony Field.

Isaias winds tore two trees out of the ground.

From a distance, seeing the trees laid out across the fence and into left field, it looked almost serene.

But a closer look showed its power.

Not simply blown down, a tree ripped away whole from its roots.

Nearby, a mixed story.

Roosevelt Island after Isaias, a mix of results.

Along the East Promenade, one tree stood, but for its nearby neighbor, a calamitous end.

The narrow band of serious damage extended into Lighthouse Park

Isaias’s strongest winds cut a narrow path from Pony Field past The Octagon and Coler into Lighthouse Park.

A tree lost to Isaias in Lighthouse Park

Broken limbs littered Lighthouse Park, but the only serious damage was this tree. It was bent and broken by a last blast before winds whipped away into Hell Gate.

A friendly flock of Canadian Geese made a tentative return to Roosevelt Island after Isaias tore through.

A picnic area played catcher for branches and leaves torn free.

Tables and trash cans held firm, but some foliage was not as lucky.

Along the seawall, fallen branches blocked the West Promenade.

After Isaias hit Roosevelt Island, broken limbs caught along the seawall.

The newly improved Roosevelt Island seawalls held broken limbs from heading out to sea by way of the East River.

Roosevelt Island After Isaias, Not So Bad

Gradually, it became clear that most of Roosevelt island escaped the worst of Tropical Storm Isaias’s winds and rain. The storm surge did not cause flooding.

Once that was clear, I turned back toward home but could not, along the way miss a touch of storm related irony.

Did Isaias leave a comment about the mess RIOC’s recently made about bike safety?

Tropical Storm Isaias toppled a bike directional sign.
In a timely salute to RIOC dysfunction, Tropical Storm Isaias blew down a recently installed, but useless, bike sign.

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