Bad Moving Day on Roosevelt Island In Real Time Pictures

It was a bad moving day on Roosevelt Island. It must have looked better as an idea than it became as a fact.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island News

How did this happen? How did they get here with that?

It was a bad moving day for this pair...
Decision time… Go back or press on?

On a weekday, mid-month, you don’t expect to see many people moving furniture, at least not without professional help.

But there they were.

A basic bed frame, its tiny wheels never meant to cover more than room size distances, lay awkwardly unbalanced on the road.

A box spring rested unhappily on the frame, and a pair of would-be movers were uncertain about what to do next.

A woman with a stroller paid little attention, as if this kind of thing happens all the time.

It doesn’t.

Bad Moving Day Conclusion…

Finally a plan in place, each mover seized an unweildy end of the displaced mattress.

The mattress, bigger than either person, still wore its sheet.

As traffic piled up around them, the pair managed to lift the mattress and carry to rejoin the box spring and tilted frame.

Bad Moving Day

We’ve all had days like this, and we will have more. If we’re lucky, we’ll and never do it again.

Probably best if we leave the road to bicycles, cars and trucks.

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