Trump Out, New York Said, Then Finally Makes It Stick

Trump Out, New York Said, Then Finally Makes It Stick

New York wants Trump out. A move toward erasing the president from the city scene grew with a push from the City Council. A resolution asks for termination of the Trump Organization’s contracts. Now, Yankee fans jump him too.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island Daily News

I wrote the first two sentences about kicking Trump out of New York, just one year ago, and added the third in July.

In the meantime, what a year it was, with Trump holding onto his deals while everything else crashed around him.

The City balked, and I nearly lost track. But then, this morning, according to the New York Times, Mayor Bill de Blasio followed through on the resolution entered into City Council by Mark Levine.

Trump really is out in New York, and that’s not just his move to Florida. It means kicking him out of the Central Park skating rink and the Carousel as well as the Bronx golf course.

New York wants Trump out, loud and clear...
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