Waiting for the Light, New York City Heat

Waiting for the Light is street photograph. It captures the gritty realism of urban alienation on a hot summer afternoon.

Read the story on their faces. They wait for the light to change on the steamy hot summer street in Manhattan.

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I was lucky to get this shot. It was a mix of characters I don’t expect to see, ever again.

Clustered in a group, not one person connects with any other. Even two young women who’ve shopped together at Victoria’s Secret disconnect.

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Street photography, dating back to its origins, Eugene Atget and Henri Cartier Bresson, discovered, not created. Photographers shoot hundreds of pictures before getting one that catches a uniquely expressive moment.

Bresson painted his camera black to keep his subjects from knowing they were being photographed. Poses ruin the natural moment.

In Deborah Julian’s image of New York City heat and its affect on people, the absence of poses is striking. Each subject lost in their personal discomfort.

You can see more of Deborah Julian’s street photography on her website.

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