Overcoming New York State resistance, one Roosevelt Islander made sure the community made a statement.

Notoriously hostile to genuine community engagement, RIOC denied Roosevelt Islanders any role in its 9/11 Tribute. But a determined Residents Association president Rossana Ceruzzi refused

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UPDATE: RIOC Splits Community. This Time, Aided by Kallos and Maloney

RIOC splits community with such consistency, it’s hard to see it as other than deliberate. Echoing its own internal turmoil, the state agency divides to conquer. Sadly, some elected officials play along.

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How Will RIOC’s Awful Plan Destroy Southpoint Park?

RIOC’s plan for Southpoint Park took its major first step in 2020, after a presentation made to its board in October, 2019. Designers suggested Southpoint as becoming like Brooklyn Bridge Park, a heavy tourist draw down the river. The work involved, not just restoring Superstorm Sandy’s damages, but expanding East River access. Opponents protested what

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