An ironic twist, RIOC removes offensive disability access sign

Yesterday, the offensive disability access sign confronting Blackwell House visitors was dug out and removed. The historic location is the working home of RIOC CEO

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How RIOC Bungled Blackwell House Into Next To Nothing Special

Blackwell House, shuttered for twenty years, reopened mid-pandemic. After millions spent on restoration, the historic farmhouse welcomed visitors. But then, tone deaf as always, RIOC

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The Tale of Two Roosevelt Islands, RIOC Points of View

How does RIOC think about Roosevelt Island? Are there two Roosevelt Islands, one for residents and another for themselves? These pictures taken today are instructive.

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What’s worse than RIOC seizing space in historic Blackwell House? Answer: Demanding free parking to go with it.

RIOC seizing space in Blackwell House, giving president/CEO Shelton Haynes a new office, was classic bad optics. But it took just a single week to top it as the state gobbled up sparse street parking, reserving them for his “guests…”

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