Dreams of a Clean Ravenswood Power Plant May Finally Come True

Dreams of a Clean Ravenswood Power Plant May Finally Come True

Twenty years ago, while serving on the Residents Association Common Council, I first heard about Roosevelt Islanders’ concerns over Ravenswood. A group led by Karen Stewart had a map that, she said, showed our community in the beam of Asthma Alley. They blamed Ravenswood, the second worst polluting facility in New York State. Finally, relief may be on the way.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

A couple of decades have passed since that meeting, but the concerns remain. New York City consumes energy like a beast afraid of starvation, and it must come from somewhere.

Officials, though, moved glacially once it became known that their primary solution, giant power-generating plants along city waterfronts, caused a tidal wave of illness.

On Roosevelt Island, one resident looks out her window at Ravenswood, just across the narrowest channel in the East River and sees a cancer-causing menace that’s cost her family and friends.

An oil-carrying barge anchored at Ravenswood.

Reimagining Ravenswood.

It should have happened sooner – it would have saved lives if it happened sooner, but Governor Kathy Hochul’s administration finally has a solution in place.

First reported in The Gothamist

“Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration gave a tentative green light Tuesday to three new wind farms off New York City’s shores, including one project that would shift the hulking Ravenswood Generating Station in Long Island City to 100% renewable energy.”

If the state can negotiate a deal with the owners, Attentive Energy One will soon point a massive 1.4-gigawatt wind farm at the power plant from 54 miles offshore. When it connects with Ravenswood, the conversion from gas and oil to alternative energy will be complete.

New York State has a plan for cutting gas emissions by 85% before 2050. This is a big part of the deal, but it’s also a healthful sign for future generations of Roosevelt Islanders.

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