Additional Revenue Streams for Your Hotel

Additional Revenue Streams for Your Hotel

Running a successful hotel or similar establishment goes beyond providing rooms with beds. Most customers seek convenience and accommodation. They’ll appreciate little and large benefits at reasonable prices that make their experience at your establishment even more pleasant. Implement these additional revenue streams for your hotel to increase your margins and your guests’ enjoyment!

Laundry Rooms

Making your hotel homey goes beyond interior decorating. There’s more to a home than a TV, a bed, and a bathroom. For instance, your hotel should offer a 24/7 laundry room for those unplanned fashion disasters. Spills, stains, and unpleasant scents can make a big difference to a guest about to deliver a big presentation during their work trip or a road tripping family with a gaggle of kids. You’ll enjoy the extra cash from late-night or last-minute laundry.

Team Up!

Your guests probably have a plan to see and enjoy the sites near your hotel, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for other entertainment. Work with local merchants and recreational businesses to recommend each other and create guest packages. Establish commissions for every customer you send each other’s way. Local restaurants, bars, coffee houses, and even event committees may pay to advertise in your hotel’s promotional materials or on your website.

On the Road

Not every guest at your hotel arrives in a car. If your hotel is near an airport but doesn’t offer a shuttle service to and from your establishment, you’re missing out on potential revenue. Likewise, if a big tourist draw is near your hotel, such as an amusement park, shopping center, or historical site, many guests will pay for convenient pick-ups and drop-offs. The thought of not driving through traffic and looking for parking is a powerful impetus to pay for a lift.

Four-Legged Friends

Traveling with a pet can be fun yet challenging. Many hotels don’t accept pets at all. If you have the room and resources, however, you can pick up their slack. Most pet owners are delighted to pay a fee for their animal companion. This can lead to other add-ons, like pet-sitting, grooming services, walkers, and playtime when the guests are away for business or pleasure and can’t take their pets with them.

These are just a few additional revenue streams for your hotel to keep in mind. As a final piece of advice, be open to other opportunities your community offers to entice guests to stay for the night or longer!

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