Now Final – Hopefully – Assembly Districting Leaves Roosevelt Island in Manhattan


Yesterday, New York’s Redistricting Commission released its final assembly districting map. After a December version where Roosevelt Island was absorbed into a Queens district, this one marks a return to Manhattan’s 76th. The maps which still must be approved by the legislature closely resemble those already in place.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The Daily thanks Sylvan Klein for the heads up.

A New and Hopefully Final New York Assembly Districting Map

In a story first reported in City & State, the commission charged with drawing new maps kept the status quo. Earlier maps, drawn in December, found Roosevelt Island in a Queens-centered district. That ran contrary to every other political design for the community.

From the Queens 36th District, Roosevelt Island returns to the Manhattan-only 76th, currently represented by Rebecca Seawright.

As with other redistricting matters caused by compliance with the 2020 Census, Roosevelt Islanders came out strong for their preferences. And State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright turned the spotlight on them.

The Main Street Democrats, led by Joyce Short, made a successful impact.

Roosevelt Island is drawn into an Assembly district along with the Upper East Side of Manhattan, as it currently is, rather than being paired with parts of western Queens, as the December draft map suggested. That change was strongly opposed by members of the public, including the island’s current Assembly member, Rebecca Seawright.

City & State, New York

If approved by the legislature, the new assembly districting map firms up a strong foundation of representation for Roosevelt Island. Residents also fought for and won a battle keeping the City Council district in Manhattan, retaining a strong leader in Julie Menin.

Senator Liz Kreuger and Congressman Jerry Nadler round out the political coverage.

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