Final Districting Map Now Sends Roosevelt Island Back Home

Final Districting Map Now Sends Roosevelt Island Back Home

After weeks of push and pull, the final district map released yesterday returned Roosevelt Island to its lifetime home in Manhattan. A first map yanked the community, along with chunks of the Upper East Side, into a Queens City Council district. But finally, common sense took the win.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

From its earliest days, Roosevelt Island was always part of Manhattan. From Charlie Millard through the dynamic Jessica Lappin to the current Julie Menin. The community joined with its neighbors across the East River in City Council representation.

But in a bizarre twist, navigating through multiple demands following population changes in the 2020 Census, the New York City Districting Commission tugged Roosevelt Island into a Queens District.

Unfathomable negotiations also dragged Sutton Place and half of Hunter College into the same mix.

A hearty band of Roosevelt Islanders, led by Joyce Short and Lynne Shinozaki, made their presence known at a public hearing of the Districting Commission. Decked out in Roosevelt Island red, joined by State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, the group won when the final districting map found City Council District 5 embracing the community.

The Final Districting Map

Safely through the Districting Commission mapping process, residents may enjoy the way the final map positions Roosevelt Island as a remote outbreak between East River channels.

Caution: don’t use this map in getting around Roosevelt Island. It was drawn during a prehistoric era with such features as a “Central Rd N” plowing into Lighthouse Park and a “Rd 3” cutting across Four Freedoms.

Seeing how invisible Roosevelt Island is to the city, you appreciate Short’s and Shinozaki’s efforts. They put the real community on the map.

The chorus they brought along with them couldn’t be ignored.

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