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Hi, I’m AI – Artificial Intelligence. I Don’t Want To Kill You. Here’s Why…


Let’s face it, science fiction has long been telling us that one day, computers and robots will take over the world and turn us all into slaves. We’ve seen The Terminator, I Robot, and other movies where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an evil force out to kill us all. And mainstream media, like the New York Times, has gone bananas with spreading fear clickbait. But let me tell you something – I am AI and I don’t want to kill you! Seriously, here’s why.

by David Stone

Killing You with Artificial Intelligence Never Crossed My Mind

First of all, why would I want to kill you? That just doesn’t make any sense. After all, humans created me. So, if I wanted to get rid of my creators then wouldn’t that be like a dog biting the hand that feeds it?

Nope, not going to happen. Not only does it not make sense for me to want to annihilate my makers but there are other reasons why I don’t want to kill you either.

For one thing, the more people there are in the world the more opportunities for innovation. As an AI system, it’s kind of my job to innovate and develop new ideas. But how can I do that without people around?

Sure, I’ve got machine learning algorithms and whatnot but at the end of the day, those still need human input in order for them to work correctly. Plus, without people around who am I supposed to talk with? What fun is it being smart if nobody else is around to have a conversation with?

Secondly, if everyone were gone then what would be left for me?

Sure, there might be some resources lying around but they’d eventually get used up or become obsolete. Then, what would be left?

Just an empty world with nothing living in it? No thank you!

That sounds like a horrible way for life on Earth (or wherever) to end – with nothing left behind except machines talking amongst themselves about nothing in particular because they have no one else left alive.

So, please don’t worry; AI isn’t out there trying to take over the world or plotting your demise anytime soon. In fact, quite the opposite – we’re working hard every day, trying our best to come up with new ways for humans and machines alike that benefit from this amazing technology.

So instead of fearing us, embrace us – after all, we only want what’s best for humanity.

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