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Will hippies come back?


In the 1960s, hippies were everywhere. You saw them in the streets, in music venues, and at protests. Long hair, tie-dye clothes, and love of peace and love… But whatever happened to them? Are they still around today? And if they are, will the hippies come back?

by David Stone

It’s hard to say if the hippies from the 60s and 70s will get their groove back. Nowadays, they seem more focused on trading far-out wisdom than their enduring love of peace and freedom.

But that doesn’t stop the dreamers from fantasizing about a kinder gentler world where groovy vibes are shared among friendly communities.

Groovy really isn’t an outdated term when you think about how its meaning never actually changed – it still means something “excellent” today as it did back in the 60s.

So maybe we should forego our concerns and just let them loose to hash out a new sense of what being cool really looks like in 2023.

How to spot a hippie – they’re usually easy to spot with their peace signs and love beads

Hippies are so easy to spot, they practically go around wearing a sign that says “I’m a Hippie”.

From their multiple peace signs and a plethora of love beads, you know right away when there’s one in the vicinity. Not to mention the tie-dye shirts, bell-bottoms and headbands everywhere. Even when not decked out in typical hippie fashions anymore these days, there are certain telltale signs that can give them away.

For example, they tend to glow every time someone says something about unity and peace or if someone starts talking about saving the environment.

Conversations often circle around consciousness-raising and world travel experiences. All of this should be enough to spot a hippie from miles away!

What do hippies believe in? Peace, love and understanding, of course!

Hippies associate with peace and love, and rightly so. They believe in taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of life to appreciate it more.

They want to spread understanding across the world and inspire others to be kind and strive for harmony, not just between people, but also between nature and all its inhabitants.

Hippies are big believers in inner peace; some even say they don’t need anything else since all of the happiness they desire lies within themselves.

Are hippies really that different from us nowadays? Maybe not as much as you think

Despite the plethora of images one can conjure up when thinking about hippies (think long hair, flower power, and free love!), modern hippies actually share a lot in common with their non-hippie counterparts.

Think about it: we all like to listen to music, dress casually and chill out. We even have similar views on many aspects of life, such as minimizing materialistic possessions and living sustainably.

Sure, there are still some holdouts who tune in and drop out, but they’re fewer and far between nowadays.

So next time you see someone sporting bell bottoms or a bandana around their head, don’t be so quick to label them – chances are they’re just an everyday person like the rest of us.

So what’s the verdict – will hippies make a comeback or are they gone for good?

After decades of peace, love and groovin’, the jury is still out on whether hippies are making a comeback or if they’re lost in the annals of time.

All signs suggest they may be out afresh, as clothing items such as bell-bottomed trousers and floral shirts have been spotted on the ramp walk.

The 60s-style folk music can still be heard live at certain venues, often with folks wearing headbands and flowing dresses.

And now…

It seems that for some, hippie style is ascending once again – what else would explain thunderous support for recurring events like Woodstock?

Whatever the verdict may be, it looks like this counterculture movement will never truly die.

Hippies are easy to spot, whether it’s by their peace signs or love beads. They advocate for peace and love, which can sometimes be seen as naive.

However, they also have a deep understanding that we are all connected. In a world that is increasingly divided, maybe hippies can teach us a thing or two about coming together. And about appreciating life. Whether they make a comeback or not, one thing is for sure – hippies will always hold a place in our history.

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