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Can City Water Make You Sick?


Did you know that the water from your tap could be making you sick? It’s true. City water is full of chlorine and other chemicals that can lead to health problems.

But, there are a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your family. Read on to find out more.

by David Stone

About City Water and Its Hazards

The first step is to find out what’s actually in your city water. Different cities have different levels of contaminants and chemicals in their water, so it’s important to know exactly what you’re drinking.

Here in New York City, there are generally more chemicals because, to avoid an expensive filtration plant, officials rely more heavily on them. Water towers atop Manhattan buildings, which often intervene between water supplies and faucets, are not held to stick standards.

Check with your local government or an independent lab to get the most accurate information on what’s in your tap water.

Race and Water in Metro Areas

Once you know what’s in the water, it’s time to take steps to protect yourself. One option is to use a filter that can remove certain contaminants from your tap water.

There are many types of filters available, ranging from simple pour-through pitchers to more complex whole-house systems for larger families. Make sure that the filter you choose can effectively remove the contaminants that are in your water.

Another option is to install a reverse osmosis system, which removes most of the chemicals from city water. This type of system can be expensive and require professional installation, but it will provide you with clean, safe drinking water for years to come.

Finally, consider investing in a home water testing kit so you can regularly test tap water quality. This will allow you to keep an eye on any changes in contaminants or other indicators of poor-quality water.

By following these steps, you can reduce your risk of getting sick from city water and stay healthy! Take time today to learn more about what’s in your tap and take action to protect yourself and your family.

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