Think Outside the Box: Creative Uses for Shipping Containers

Think Outside the Box: Creative Uses for Shipping Containers


Today, shipping containers are used for more than just shipping, as many people and businesses have found innovative ways to use these durable and affordable structures for their companies and homes. Learn some of the most creative ways people think outside the box with shipping containers below!

Pop-Up Shop

One of the most significant ways containers have impacted the business world outside of shipping and storage is in their use as pop-up businesses. Pop-up shops were all the rage pre-pandemic and are slowly coming back into form as fun and business-savvy options for temporary shops.

The retail industry especially loves pop-up container shops because they’re ideal temporary locations for online companies that want to physically reach out to customers or unload inventory in a simple, direct way. Whether the shop sells shoes, clothes, or souvenir trinkets, a container is an excellent choice for a pop-up store.

Pop-Up Restaurant/Bar/Café

The pop-up phenomenon isn’t just for retail businesses—it’s also a hit in the food service industry. Pop-up restaurants, bars, and cafés are excellent opportunities for existing businesses to experiment with a new menu or act as a proof-of-concept for a business looking to dip its toe in the waters before plunging in.

One of the reasons that storage containers are great alternatives for pop-up bars and restaurants is that they’re customizable—the container is like a blank canvas that can be modified and painted into whatever the owner desires. Whether you want to open a small burger stand, a tiny tap bar, or a cute café, a modified storage container is the way to go.

Tiny Home/Airbnb Guest House

Another way people think outside the box and creatively use shipping containers is as tiny homes and Airbnb houses! We’ve practically all heard of tiny houses and are familiar with the Airbnb craze, but many people don’t realize that a container is an ideal fit for both of these trends.

A shipping container provides an ideal foundation and size for a tiny home. It immediately provides a faster and more affordable alternative to constructing a tiny house out of thin air. Container homes have become popular on Airbnb because they’re small, convenient, and affordable guest homes for travelers.

Backyard Pool

Have you always wanted a pool but never had the space or resources to dig a huge hole in your backyard and never liked the look of an above-ground pool? Consider something different with a container pool!

Standard containers are the perfect pool size—20 (or 40) feet long and 8 feet deep—and can be constructed in no time! Nowadays, companies focus specifically on outfitting and delivering a container pool right to your backyard, complete with heat pumps, lights, and a ladder.

Greenhouse Garden

Have you always wanted a real greenhouse to exercise your green thumb? With a container, setting one up is affordable and easy!

Containers are easy to modify into greenhouses—remove the roof or get an open-top container, install a greenhouse roof, and presto—you have a brand-new garden! After that, all you need is some dirt and seeds to start your garden!

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