Why US Chocolate Isn’t As Good As European Chocolate

Why US Chocolate Isn’t As Good As European Chocolate

US chocolate is inferior to its European counterparts. It has more sugar and less cocoa than necessary and potentially unsafe levels of lead and cadmium. But most Americans have accepted the resulting low standard.

by David Stone

Special to The Roosevelt Island Daily News

This complacency is conditioned by low standards for healthcare and tolerance for food additives. Europeans are much stricter in terms of food production. And that leads to chocolate that tastes much better and is healthier.

Eating good quality chocolate is good for you. That’s well-known, but American chocolate may not meet that standard.

The US chocolate industry uses higher amounts of sugar and lower amounts of cocoa in comparison to Europe.

This means that the domestic American style doesn’t contain as much cocoa butter, which is what gives European brands their creamy texture and depth of flavor.

The sugar-to-cocoa ratio also means that it won’t melt as easily as European chocolate which leads to a less enjoyable experience when eating it.

European countries are much stricter in terms of food production regulations, resulting in a higher standard.

It is important to be aware of these differences when selecting a chocolate bar as there are some that contain unsafe levels of lead and cadmium.

It’s not uncommon for companies to add fillers, artificial ingredients, and excessive sugar in order to reduce costs. These additives can cause health issues when consumed in large quantities.

European countries are stricter about these additives. That’s one reason why their chocolate is known to be of a higher quality.

Europeans also have a heightened awareness of the ingredients in their food which has resulted in stricter regulations, including those for chocolate production.

When selecting a chocolate bar, be aware of these differences and opt for European chocolate when possible. You’ll notice the difference in taste and texture, as well as feel safer knowing that there are no hidden levels of lead or cadmium.

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