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Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright Assails Overturning Roe


New York State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright represents the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island. She’s a staunch support of any woman’s individual right to choose. But for her, it’s also personal. Her mentor and friend, the late Sarah Weddington, argued and won Roe vs Wade in the Supreme Court. Established law has now been overturned.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Statement by Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright:

“I am outraged by the Supreme Court’s decision today to strike down every women’s fundamental reproductive right to an abortion.

NYS Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright

Let’s be clear: Abortion is health care. Today’s erroneous and misguided Supreme Court ruling will not stop women from having abortions. Instead, many will resort to self-inflicted trauma, ingesting dangerous chemicals, reliance on charlatans, and other unsafe means to end an unwanted pregnancy.

It is worth noting that before the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 that recognized reproductive rights, approximately 800,000 women resorted each year to illegal abortions. Today, most women seeking abortions are women of color and living in poverty. Yet, the Supreme Court is punishing these women who have no means of obtaining a safe abortion by traveling to a “Safe Harbor” such as New York.

We are fortunate in New York to have the strongest laws in that nation protecting reproductive rights, which I cosponsored and vigorously supported. This includes the 2022 Reproductive Health Act. In addition, as the Assembly sponsor of the Equality Amendment, I am working with my colleagues in the Legislature to enshrine the right to abortion into the New York State Constitution.

We must be vigilant and strengthen current laws and work to expand access to reproductive health services, including safe and legal abortions, to New Yorkers and all those coming from out of state.

My late mentor Sarah Weddington successfully argued Roe v Wade to the Supreme Court nearly a half-century ago. Today’s ruling dismantling Roe is a devastating assault on health care rights. But New York must continue to be a beacon for reproductive rights for women everywhere.

Abortion is still safe and legal—and we will fight in New York to keep it that way.”

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