What? NYC Ferry’s Hilarious Roaming Through Roosevelt Island


For God only knows what reason, NYC Ferry posted a “curated” Roaming Through Roosevelt Island. Who did this? While the whole thing, including a tour of Astoria as “Option One,” looks like an unmarked advertorial, it could only get better if the writer, Rae Baker, had ever been here.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Roaming Through Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island’s landmarked Chapel of the Good Shepherd. NYC Ferry’s “curated” tour never got this far north. In other words, most of the Island got shoved aside by features at the Graduate Hotel on the Cornell Tech Campus. ©David Stone/The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Baker’s roaming starts with a worthy FDR Four Freedoms State Park, but instead of using any of many high quality photos of the park – or taking her own, which sadly would require actually being her – she embeds a cliched summer scene from Twitter.

And that’s the high point.

Romping on, Baker gives us something called “Roosevelt Ruins.” Fortunately, she includes yet another Twitter image – they’re free – that identifies it. But as with Four Freedoms, she never tells you where it is or how you get there.

Next up, she surrounds her northernmost ramble with, not one, but two drinking and dining places inside the Graduate Hotel. Anything At All and The Panorama Room are both fine additions to Roosevelt Island… but the only thing worth roaming for north of there is Gallery RIVAA?


The Missing

Blackwell House, winter afternoon
Blackwell House failed to make the cut with NYC Ferry.

We want to help NYC Ferry, and so, The Daily generously donates the following list of sites missed:

  • The historic, one of a kind, Roosevelt Island Tram
  • Cornell Tech with its groundbreaking bundle of well-architected structures. (Hint: The Graduate Hotel is the least impressive on the campus.)
  • Blackwell House, also landmarked, and fully restored as an 18th Century farmhouse.
  • The Chapel of the Good Shepherd, on the National Record of Historic Places since 1972, but not NYC Ferry worthy.
  • The Octagon, known internationally for its being the setting of Nellie Bly’s groundbreaking coverage of nightmarish conditions in a women’s asylum.
  • Finally, Lighthouse Park with it historic light at Hell Gate and the new Girl Puzzle installation inside the park.


Maybe NYC Ferry could come visit Roosevelt Island, get a firsthand look at the community instead of relying fully on Twitter views. Twitter as news is an unfortunate local plague consistently misrepresenting the Island because it’s a free hit for lazy reporters.

Roosevelt Island deserves better – and an apology from NYC Ferry.

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