How sleepwalking RIOC negligence threatens a terrible Tram jam up


RIOC negligence is a recurring theme here, but the latest in sleepwalking may take the cake. It has Roosevelt Islanders scratching their heads… How detached from reality on the ground can they be?

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

RIOC Negligence and the Partial Tram Shutdown

RIOC negligence created this mess in November, 2017.
Three years ago this week, frustrated Tram riders wait in the cold and rain. RIOC forgets its own messes, but we shouldn’t.

While we scrambled to put together the best guide for dealing with Tram reductions in service, our readers called out RIOC negligence. We missed it until the emails unsettled a Sunday dedicated to lazy footwall watching. The state agency that never gets it wrong outdid us on lazy, or maybe, it’s just indifference or asleep at the wheel…

Although RIOC repeated, to the same audience, a slapdash advisory about the shutdown, they never stretched beyond their email list. That covers only a tiny fraction of residents. For all the others, nothing. No kiosk postings. No Red Bus notices. And most tellingly, not a word at either Tram Plaza, even though Leitner-Poma put up fences – without instructions – on Roosevelt Island.

We asked around. Maybe we missed something.

“Has anyone seen any notice about the Tram shutdown or shuttle service, other than in the flakey advisory?” we asked.

“Nothing,” said one well-traveled Roosevelt Islander.

A “Very Disappointed Long-Timer” was less generous:

“Sorry, no. Nothing about anything anywhere. Nothing on Red Buses. Nothing on / in Bus Stops. Nothing on kiosks. These folks AGAIN deserve public shaming for failing the community — especially the folks for whom the Tram is their primary means of travel.”

Fresh menus, every week…

For some, the true, penetrating question is, How long will Albany force us to put up with this mess? We pay for most of it but get this RIOC negligence in return.

If you’re anywhere near Blackwell House, knock on the door. Ask whoever answers to wake up president/CEO Shelton J Haynes from his Rip Van Winkle length slumber. It’s a lot to ask, but maybe he can get his well-paid, 4-member Communications Team to, well… you know, communicate.

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