Quick look. A brushstroke of early fall foliage, now on Roosevelt Island


Summer fades dimmer as early fall foliage begins filling up Roosevelt Island’s trees, getting ready for winter.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

It’s bittersweet. The flush of autumn color naturally decorates the community, but as much as it eases summer’s retreat, it’s the gateway for the short, cold days of winter.

Here are a few pictures from the southern end of Roosevelt Island.

Early Fall Foliage

Although the popular beech row in FDR Four Freedoms State Park barely notices, the trees aligning the meadow and FDR Drive across the East River are lighting up.

Everyone was out on Saturday, or so it seemed, bustling from the Tram Plaza south to the tip of Four Freedoms Park. The sun, from a clear blue sky, warmed the chill from light breezes from the north.

Early autumn foliage accented the north meadow in Southpoint Park.

Far from peak, the changing leaves hint at a fuller display in the coming days. Warming temperatures, this week, should ease the gradual end of photosynthesis, releasing summer’s hidden colors.

With all its buildings open for the first time in autumn, Cornell Tech’s central pathway hinted at joys to come.

More good things await as the early autumn foliage also forms a virtual gateway to the holiday season, the first without hefty restrictions since the start of the pandemic.

Young Bulgarian Voices celebrate their culture against a backdrop of changing leaves in Cornell Tech’s meadow.

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